Abduls story.


Abdul Johnson Teen Challenge Graduate

During my time at Teen Challenge I learned so many impactful things that still stay with me today. I grew up in the church and had parents who were heavily involved in ministry most of my life. In fact my father would often go down to the Phoenix center and teach the men far before I ever tried my first drug. He was planting the seeds that I was able to reap a harvest on for my deliverance later in life. My addiction started like most with social drugs and quickly escalated into hardcore drugs. At my lowest point I was using crystal meth to get going in the morning, and shooting up heroin to come down at night. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I became open to entering a program like Teen Challenge. The most important thing I learned at Teen Challenge was that my issue was far deeper that drug addiction. My issue was a heart issue, an identity crisis. Teen Challenge helped me realize who I am in Christ, and gave me the tools to cultivate a relationship with him. If it were not for Gods grace on my life I would be dead or in jail right now. He loved me so much that he sent his only son to die on the cross for me. The revelation of that truth is so powerful and I could not help but be changed by Gods amazing love. Today I am happily married to beautiful woman and together we have 3 awesome boys. I have a wonderful career where I get to help people while providing a life of abundance for my family. I am truly blessed and it all started when I made the decision to commit myself to the Lord and the work he wanted to do in me through Teen Challenge.