December 20th, 2015 Christmas Special

UntitledMusic Serving The Word Ministries is  having a free event and it will start at 6:00pm. It will be here at Teen Challenge Phoenix at 1515 W. Grand Ave Phoenix,  AZ 85007. Everybody is invited!


INCARNATE is a Christmas experience unlike any other. Presented by Music Serving the Word Ministries, INCARNATE blends live and recorded music, unique lighting and stage design, and unforgettable visuals.

What truly sets INCARNATE apart from other Christmas events is its unrelenting emphasis on the incarnation, or in other words, the direct entry of God, in human flesh, into the world, to guide us safely into His eternal kingdom.  INCARNATE posits that true joy during this season consists in recognizing the coming of Jesus, the God-man, who reconciles humanity to God through His perfect atoning sacrifice.

INCARNATE is a 40-minute performance art piece that combines projected visuals and original electronic music, composed and presented live by Rob Moore and Caleb Kilian. The layers of color and imagery, combined with the avant-garde music make for a stunning, multi-sensory experience.

INCARNATE is written and produced by Mario Barnabe, who was inspired by the ancient display form known as a “triptych.”  Attendees will recognize the three distinct “panels” where projected visuals combine to create the meaning of the entire piece.

The mission of Music Serving the Word Ministries is “Serving God’s Word and inviting people to Christ through music, media, outreach, technology and teaching.”  With God’s help, INCARNATE will invite many people to meet Christ as the Word who became flesh.

For more information you can call us at 602-271-4084 EXT 1263 or visit